Hello, I’m Anna Morrison, your licensed massage practitioner. I graduated from Ashmead College in 2006 here in Washington. As a kid I’ve always known I wanted to work close to the medical field.
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After high school I was excited to start working as soon as possible and decided to gain some knowledge about the human body by completing my license in massage therapy. Little did I know, this career would become my passion. Now 12 years later I love what I do more than ever. I take the time to get to know my patients and learn about their health goals. Many of them I’ve been seeing for most of my career. The thing that keeps me going and excited about massage therapy is seeing how much it helps my patients. There is no better feeling than seeing positive progress results after receiving massage therapy.

-Anna Morrison, LMT

Let Sound Comfort Massage take care of you!

A tranquil experience, through caring hands.

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New to massage? What to expect.

Your comfort is my priority!

When you come in for your first appointment expect to spend a little time talking about yourself. The more information I can get about your aches, pains, stresses, injuries, the better I can tailor the massage to you.
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You can disrobe TO YOUR COMFORT LEVEL. I always use sheets and blankets to drape the areas I'm working on. You should never feel like you are exposed. I will explain the process before we begin to make sure you know what is going on and feel comfortable.
Finally, just RELAX and enjoy!

Which massage is right for me?

The most common type of massage, to relax and energize you.

Deep tissue massage uses greater pressure to get into the deepest layers of muscle and fascia breaking up knots and adhesions.* If you’re wanting to get a 1 hour deep tissue massage I recommend picking a focus area as it can take some time to break through stubborn knots. If you want that deep work but still love the full body massage, go for the 90 minutes!

Sports massage uses medium to deep pressure. There’s more stretching involved and usually has more of a focused area

Topical Cannabis
Topicals are cannabis- infused lotions, balms and oils that are applied to the skin for localized relief of pain, soreness, and inflammation and are NON PSYCHOACTIVE.

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How to get the most out of your massage

Keep hydrated before and after your massage. (Hydrated muscles relax more easily and drinking water after your massage helps prevent you from getting sore after the massage)


Turn your electronics off during your session.Communication is key! Please feel free to speak up about adjusting the pressure of your massage, heat, pillows, or whatever else you may need to keep you comfortable. Breathe and focus on relaxation. Remember- this is your time!

Services and Pricing

60 min Massage - 75.00
30 min Massage - 45.00
90 min Massage - 110.00
120 min Massage - 155.00
CHABA 60 minute massage - 85.00
Salt Glow - 45.00
Salt Glow + Moisturizing Massage - 85.00
Salt Glow + 1 hour Moisturizing Massage - 120.00
massage + aroma sole add-on (90 min total) - 110.00
Cupping - 40.00
massage + aroma face and scalp add-on (90 min total) - 110.00
massage + paraffin dip for hands/feet (90 min total) - 110.00